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Cancun - a place where it's easy to get old.

Cancun, a Mexican hotspot in the Caribbean, is one of the best escape ways for the elderly in the world. Cancun is considered one of the best places to retire worldwide because it has excellent access to reasonable health insurance, low maintenance costs and a very friendly atmosphere, making Cancun a magnet for an environmentally conscious society, which is why there is a wide range fashion boutiques, yoga centers and wellness in a typical Boho style. Cancun boasts a relaxed lifestyle, beautiful sandy beaches and excellent cuisine.

Why is Cancun such a tempting place to retreat?

A strong US dollar versus Mexican peso. The value of the US dollar in relation to the Mexican peso is still growing in relation to the US dollar and it is a continuous upward movement over the years, which means that most likely your dollar will continue to gain value in Mexico over time. While there were slight fluctuations, the basic trend has not changed over the years.

Medical services. There are three small hospitals in Cancun; for a more sophisticated treatment you will find modern clinics in close to Playa del Carmen and Cancun. The health sector has very high international standards and is much cheaper than in the US.

Atmosphere. Cancun's mood can be described as calm but sophisticated, with less bustling night life and less hustle and bustle.

Facilities and services. As a retirement destination, Cancun offers all the benefits you need. There are vegetable markets, a few giant grocery stores, pharmacies and delicious food, in the fashionable coastal zone and around.

Things to do and life. The residents can indulge in a healthy lifestyle in Cancun with many leisure activities - cycling, beach walks, yoga, swimming, diving or simply lounging in the thermal spa. Being healthy in Cancun is not difficult at all, not to mention the importance of good nutrition: most food in stores and restaurants is grown locally, and fresh juices are available all the time. Please contact the CW Real estate Cancun Team for more information about your dream property !!

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